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21 Octobre 2003
October 21 2003

Mardi 21 Octobre 2003
Tuesday, October 21 2003
Les galères continuent: pilote automatique tombe en rade, Alex d'Emma nous feel un coup de main salvateur. Une heureuse de plus sur FoLaLieR: Jenna ...
(Islas Selvagens, Portugal)
Now, the automatic pilot fails. We have to always, every single minute, have a humand hand steering. "Emma" is kind enough to provide a crew (Alex) to help us out. For 3 days, we are 3 on the FoLaLieR. We exchanged crew on the middle of the atlantic ! Here, "Emma"'s captain Rémy enjoys a warm coffee as the sun rises.
(Islas Selvagens, Portugal)


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