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15 Mai 2004
May 15 2004

Samedi 15 Mai 2004
Saturday, May 15 2004
La magie de la phosphorescence: le pacifique est hallucinament poissonneux. Le FoLaLieR navigue sur un halo clair et les poissons affolés animent le plancton phosphorescent. Magique !
(Mer du Mexique)
Twice, the FoLaLieR drives through 2 patches of very bright water. It's pitch dark. Is it un uncharted reef ? No, it's in fact a bunch of sleeping fishes hanging out. As the boat get closer to them, they freak out, start to move in all direction, activating the phosphorescence of the water. The water becomes like lightened till the fishes get the hell out of here.
(Mexico Sea)


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