Facts and experience about the Oceanis 370

Personal experience - Sailing from France to San Francisco

So we used our Oceanis 370, from Beneteau, to sail from Landevennec (France) to San Francisco, via the Panana Canal. It was the short keel version of the Oceanis 370, as you can see on these pictures:

The short keel of the Oceanis 370 The propeller of the Oceanis 370


Because it was not a race, we were trying to catch down wind winds, so we could achieve or 11000 Miles in the best confort. There, the Oceanis 370 was the king. It has a nice rounded hull which provide very good stability as well as a lot of room inside. So the short keel was never a problem, even going against wind and current from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego (check our itinenary here). We could set the anchor very close to the shore as the draft is only 1,25m on an empty boat.

Plan of the Oceanis 370


The furling sail was also never a problem, though people warned us about it. It does not give a lot of power,so you need to have a big genoa. We could furle it (take a reef) even downwind, it never got stuck. Since we were 2, one was sleeping, one was up, we had to drive the boat by ourself, the furling main made a big difference (read more here about how we are, what we did, what we learned):

Under way Oceanis 370


The cockpit is nice, we had about 10 people on the boat once, and while it was a bit tighted, we all could share the meal:

Top view of the Oceanis 370-Teck

And now another view, with the Dodger on.

Cockpit and dodger


Here are some pictures close haul:

Close Haul Close Haul Oceanis 370

Some other pictures:

Close haul Close HAul


We kept the inside very clean, but the boat itself if very well architected, so naturally dry:

inside inside oceanis 370


Now some facts:

Source: Beneteau USA web site or cached local pdf

The boat was built in 1991. It was number 099, and was put in the water for the first time April 23rd 1992. The first owner did not use it much for the past 5 years. He then stored the boat out of the water for one year. The second owner, a couple from Arcachon (south west of france) bought it in 1998 in a close to perfect state. They sailed FoLaLieR (called "Pinarello" at that time) sporadicaly, spending a lot of time in the port. They wen to Spain and to north of France with it.
I'm the third owner. I stayed 3 months in Arcachon from May to July 2003, sailing her up to Brest where I spent 2 months there preparing for my offshore passage. My crew and I left in September for a 10 months trip, from France to San Francisco, thru the Panama canal. A total of 11000 NM, 1000 hours of motor and no damage, not a scratch. We took especially care of the engine and the wooden interior.

The engine: the engine is a Volvo Penta 2003 BT. It's a 28 HP engine. It has 1700 hours, and the oil is changed every 100 hours. When running, it provides heat to the water heater, thus, having free hot water for showers ! The tank is 96 Liters, plus 2x20L in additional container. It averages 2 Liters/Hour. It'a a water cooled angine, so clean, you could eat on it.
It has 3 Cylinders, has a maximum of 3200 rpm, takes 4,1 Liters of oil. Its alternator debit 50Amp. The white cylinder you see on this picture is the oil filter, very easy access. The diesel filter can be seen at the top of the picture. The black lid is where you add oil when doing an oil change. (coming with the boat: all the accessories to do oil change, including an electic pump):

Volvo Penta 2003 TB


A picture form the back: the boat here is Mediterrean moored in Lisboa (Portigal). Near the name of the baot ("FoLaLier AC") one can spot the electricity plug (that accept the american 110V or the european 220V!)
To the left, we see the shower that is the one key to a nice swim: a good rince after. The little door opens to a ladder used for climbing back to the boat. The water inlet and diesel inlet are also seen at the bottom of the "jupette"

From the back





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